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Here's what divers are saying about our trips


Just got back from the best diving experience of my life. Went with Dan on the Mamro.

We dove in amazing areas loaded with more life than a person could imagine. Life living in layers, pull a leaf over and more life is under it. Unless you dive this area it's very hard to describe the absolute beauty, and give justice to the life forms found in the Port Hardy area.

My dive buddy was Theo, a very experienced diver from this area. He helped me find animal life and identify hundreds of different species. Dan was absolutely the best at getting us to the dive area, and in the water at exactly the right time. Important because of huge water exchanges. Which is why such a diversity of life exists here.

I will never forget, swimming over an immense area on the edge of a cliff and being in a world of white, these animals were one of my favourites . Being nose to nose with a huge stealer sea lion is something I will never forget. So graceful, fast, and smooth. They appear like a ghost, and disappear just as fast.

Seven tree was unreal, great octopus and wolf eel. Couldn't believe the size of its head. Only bad part was losing my go pro here.

Diving browning wall was incredible. I have never seen anything like it. Like floating over the Grand Canyon, only filled with colour and life.

Living on the Mamro was awesome, food was great and the company was even better.

I want to say thank you to Dan, and Theo for being so helpful and showing unheard of patience in repairing my torn drysuit.

I have become a believer, this dive area is unequalled to any where I have been before.

I can't wait until my next trip on board the Mamro.

Thanks again Dan, hope to see you again before too much longer, diving from the Mamro is going to be a yearly event for me.

Ken Archibald, Edmonton, AB


“Most of the photographs in Beneath Cold Seas were made while diving from the Mamro. Over the course of many years, Dan Ferris always worked hard to put me in the water in the right place and at the right time to maximize my photographic opportunities. I could not have completed the book without Dan’s support.”

Click here to see recent 15-minute interview with marine biologist Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, who wrote the introduction to David's latest book.  Sarika, the daughter of famed environmentalist David Suzuki, discusses the book as well as her work in ocean conservation

David Hall

“Hey Dan, How are ya? Just thought I would pass along a link to my photos from our great week aboard the Mamro. They can be found -here.

Take care, Thanks again for a great trip.

Jamie ”

Jamie Morphy, Brampton, ON

“Many thanks to Dan Ferris and MV Mamro for making my trip to Port Hardy so memorable. Dan's ability to read the water movements, his infectious enthusiasm and his total desire to get you good photographs make his trips very special.

Best wishes

Peter Rowlands
PR Productions
Underwater Photography magazine”

Peter Rowlands, Editor/Publisher, PR Productions

“Captain Dan Ferris of the MV Mamro always provides us with the best quality of diving the West Coast has to offer ... let us call the diving he exposes us to nothing less than Five Star.

I have been joining Dan for many years on the MV Mamro and have ALWAYS been "extremely satisfied" with the quality of sites he exposes to all of our groups.

Our adventurers view the water column of the Pacific Northwest from the shallow tidal zones to the dark depths that many would simply discount as "nothing to see". Dan has allowed us the flexibility of mixing our gas with "helium" or "enriched oxygen" and trusted in us to play the game safe yet always keeping a watchful eye. He has shared with us the fine points of the dive sites and suggested pros and cons to aid our undersea adventure.

It is greatly appreciated that Captian Dan orders our mixed gases and is always on site even in remote locations in order for us to participate in our technical adventures.

If there is an area we are drawn to explore Dan keeps an open mind and comes up with solutions and not barriers. If it wasn't for Captain Dan and his accommodating demeanor our technical endeavors would not exist. We would be very limited throughout the year and confined to "airline restrictions" and the local "Mud Puddle" excursions.

I would like to take the time to thank both Captain Dan Ferris and Deb Ferris for all the great times and support through the span of the last decade!

Greg Mossfeldt
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mossman Scuba, Technical Dive Adventures”

Greg Mossfeldt, Calgary, AB


“When I am traveling to a dive destination the most important aspect to me, as a photographer, is having the greatest opportunity to capture quality images. Utilizing Dan's experience and the Mamro has become an obvious choice. Dan is willing to work hard to get you to the best sites for your photography goals and at the best times. Furthermore, Dan is willing to take advantage of topside opportunities as they present themselves and freely adjust his schedule as a result to allow you to maximize your opportunity to capitalize on images as they present themselves.”



Orca Scuba Center has been bringing groups of divers to Vancouver Island since 1999. All of the divers that have come on these excursions have been astounded with the creatures we see both above and below the water. The number of repeat customers I have makes me know that this is a location that sells itself to my worthy travelers. I have used a couple of different operators on Vancouver Island and I have settled on Mamro Adventures as the most reliable, comfortable vessel to live / dive with. Dan Ferris knows these waters and dive sites thoroughly. Safety is always first and foremost. If the weather is not cooperating, we can usually find some where to dive even if it isn't your first choice, it will be a safe choice. The Mamro is a stable platform to base from, even the ones who are prone to sea sickness are comfortable on this vessel. ”

Van Ford, Wenatchee, WA
Orca Scuba Center

“Port Hardy and Beyond” Browning Pass, Hunt Rock, Nakwakto/Seymour, Deserters etc.
For the last 10 years I’ve relied on Captain Dan and the Mamro to deliver the best cold water diving in the world. His commitment to safety, experience with the challenging dive sites and willingness to give 110% 24/7 has helped me capture some of the best photograghs in my Pacific Northwest Portfolio.
Many thanks.”


Brandon Cole, Spokane, WA
Marine Photograpy


“As a dive instructor and group leader I have been fortunate enough to travel to some of the worlds top dive destinations. By far my favorite spot is Port Hardy B.C. aboard the Mamro. The diversity of marine life combined with the top side wildlife makes this to an adventure that nobody should miss out on. I have dove with Dan and the Mamro on numerous occasions all along B.C's west coast. Whether its, a wreck diving trip in Nanaimo, searching for six gills at Hornby Island or the ever popular Port Hardy run, you will not be disappointed. Dan's extensive knowledge of tidal exchanges and currents are second to none. Thus giving you maximum bottom time and enjoyment on every dive. Whether you are simply a Recreational diver or Tech diver, the mamro can definately accomodate. With a cozy boat, tasty food and super experienced Captain, this is a must do for the avid diver. So if you haven't had a chance to dive B.C's westcoast don't hesitate. Dan's the man, and the Mamro's the boat!”

Curt Bisbing, Vernon, BC
Manager, Innerspace Watersports
Innerspace Watersports


"We had another awsome trip diving the West Coast of Canada aboard the "Mamro" liveaboard dive vessel with Captain Dan Ferris and crew. The "Port Hardy" destination is a Video and Photographers dream!! Having a Tech / Rebreather friendly operation to dive with is 2nd to no one! Captain Dans experience and knowledge of the west coast provided us with safe - abundant and multiple dive locations, on board the food was excellent and the crew fun to share the week of diving with. We'll be back!!! ”


Ken Thate, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
See Ken's Port Hardy Video here


“I consider Port Hardy one of the premier dive locations in the world. Fantastic color and unusual critters. Diving from the Mamro with Dan is a unique diving experience. He times the currents perfectly. And knows the divesites. And always, great home cooked meals.”



“It's been awhile since I've been on the Mamro. But I won't forget how great it was. Being able to get into Beautiful small coves for the night anchor, awaking to the sites of eagles, seabirds, small mammals at the shore, as well as black bear. Orcas , dolphins so very close while motoring to dive sites. Being able to dive off the boat is a plus for short swims. Dan's knowledge of the local marine life really pays off. I had the chance of life time to video a giant Octo wrestle a adult Wolf eel quite a site with inking clouds from the Octo. They even scared up a huge log of a Lingcod. Great service ,food , and fun people. I'll be back. ”


Alan Studley, Napa, CA
KISS CCR Photographer


“What an incredible trip!
Great sites, great viz, great crew!
Had a marvellous time!
Thanks Dan & Steve ”


Chris Baird, Vancouver, WA


“ I have been travelling to Port Hardy for its fabulous diving since 1990.  The Mamro has since become a yearly experience for me – see photos here..  The food is always good and I have never been disappointed with the diving.”

Gordon Brow, Vancouver, BC


“Thanks Capt Dan!
Port Hardy Diving and The Mamro spoiled us again!
TKS muchly ”

Cathie & John McCuiag, Edmonton, AB
Edmonton Pub Divers


“Thanks to you and the Mamro I got to see a BIG BAD Octopus!! WAHOO!!
Good Food. Good People What more could a diver want”

Gayle Laskosky, Alberta


“It’s been a wonderful adventure for me, diving met all my expectations & then some. I have to return to get the octopus shots I had the wrong set up for You and Steve make a great team & I am so well fed I can’t eat any more. The dryer was awesome .
See you again. Thanks so much! ”

Janet MacCausland, Raynham. MA


“Capt Dan Cookie Steve
Awesome diving, weather was great. Food plentiful, the company with David H, Brandon C, and Marc C was spectacular.
Great memories.


Wade Wegert, Calgary, AB


“....oysters....great food....WHEN CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN???....feels like home! ”


Suzanne Kresta, Edmonton, AB


“If you are looking for a terrific dive trip with 5 of your closest diving buddies with THE MAN who is intimately familiar with the pristine dive sites of British Columbia, and doubles as a great chef --- book up the Mamro --- you won't be disappointed! ”


Mark Frobb, White Rock, BC


“13 years of magnificent diving on the Mamro. Dan and I get older but the diving never does. Best cold water diving anywhere!! ”


Gerald Dollar, Everett, WA


“Thank you for a wonderful time on your boat. You and Steve where great. Love all the great food & diving. ”


John Hyde, Marysville, WA


“Fantastic Diving Thank you for a wonderful trip and all the hospitalities. Great food Excellent Diving - Nice hot shower, good company. Will be back again in the near future! . ”


Loogpla Cowden, Seattle, WA


“After diving for 12 years in locations from the Carribbean to the Solomon Islands the only place I've ever returned to has been Port Hardy BC. The scenery above and below water is unique in the world of diving. If you dive to see the strange and beautiful, close encounters with creatures rare in other areas, exciting encounters with sea lions, orcas, large pods of dolphins (200-300), the largest jellyfish on the planet, life so dense it comes in layers, this is the dive destination for you. I've dove with Mamro Adventures six times over the past eight years and have always found new creatures and experiences. Dan Ferris knows these waters, the currents, the weather. He is a good friend, a great cook (bring your appetites) and loves what he does. I'll be back to the Mamro, no doubt. ”


Joe Temple, Tiffin, Ohio

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